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Series performance test case

Time:2020-04-24 09:04Source:Tension

  Case study of comprehensive performance test of series motor:


  Comprehensive performance test of a series-excited motor of a Hong Kong-funded electrical appliance company in Shenzhen: This equipment mainly tests AC series-excited motors; applies a load to the motor through a hysteresis dynamometer to simulate the actual operating conditions of the motor. Check the motor: torque/speed/output power /Voltage/current input power efficiency/temperature rise/life and other parameters.

Test curve

Constant speed test

Full test


  1. No-load performance test: Check the current/power and power factor at the specified rated voltage and frequency.

  2. Temperature rise test: add load to the motor under the rated voltage or run the motor for a long time with no load to test the temperature of the motor coil through the K-type thermocouple.

  3. Life test: The load is applied to the motor through the dynamometer. The motor runs at rated voltage for not less than 200 hours.

  4. The test software is written in LABVIEW. It has a unique test and graph drawing function, which can calculate and display multiple parameters (torque, speed, output power, voltage, current, input power, efficiency, steering, etc.)

  5. Test accuracy: torque: 0.2%; speed: 0.1%; voltage/current: 0.1%.

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