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Automobile motor online automation test case

Time:2020-04-24 02:04Source:Tension

  Automobile motor online automation test case:


  A production line automation motor comprehensive performance test equipment customized by a well-known motor company in Shenzhen. It is mainly used for no-load, load and locked-rotor test of automobile sunroof motor production line.


  1. With HDC-1010 loading controller data saving speed 10 times/second.

  2. No-load test: test the no-load speed and no-load current of the motor

  3. Load test: test the torque, speed, voltage, current, power of the motor under different loads, and judge whether it is qualified.

  4. Blocking test: Test the current of the motor in the locked state and the temperature under the specified locked time.

  5. Scan code function: Before testing, each motor can scan its serial number by QR code.

  6. Database connection function: test the data of each motor can be uploaded to the server according to the prescribed format.

  7. Seamless connection with production line automation does not require operators to operate equipment.



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