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Committed to providing customers with customized one-stop motor test solutions

Tension Technology (DONGGUAN) Limited is a High-tech Enterprise that specializes in research & development, production and market of Intelligent Motor Testing Equipment and Automatic Testing Products. Founded in Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Park, Dongguan CIity in 2017, where adjacent to Huawei Town and DJI Robotics Institute, Tension is always committed to providing customers with customized one-stop motor testing solutions.

Tension has adheres to the Value Concepts of “Innovation, Development and Responsibility” since its foundation, and strives to build a leading brand in the field of Motor Testing. After years of investing of management development and technological know-how, Tension has created an experienced and highly effective team and conquered a number of challenging technologies, and has been awarded dozens of product invention and utility model patent certificates.

“A handy tool makes a handy man”. Tension continuously introduces a large number of automated production equipment, which enables the quality, capacity and lead time to be strictly controlled. From raw materials to final products, every steps of the process are strictly inspected to ensure the product quality. Tension always try best to provide quality products with lifelong maintenance service and 24-hours online after-sales service, the main products are including the Hysteresis Brake, Hysteresis Dynamometer, Eddy Current Dynamometer, Portable Motor Teaching Platform, Dynamometer Controller, Intelligent Automatic Micro Motor Comprehensive Performance Test System, small and medium Power New Energy Motor Towing Test Platform and other Motor Testing solutions and products. Tension has been highly recognized by customers and has gradually replaced the foreign well-known brands.

Tension has gained a good reputation in the industry by its solid strength and outstanding service. Now Tension products are sold to more than 30 cities in China and exported to Germany, America, Russia, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Thailand and other international markets around the world. Tension has maintained a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with the main customers such as China Aerospace, The 21st Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Johnson Electric, Igarashi Electric, Chiaphua Components, Wolong Electric, Bosch Power Tools, DJI, GREE, Midea, LG, BYD, TTi, Panasonic and many other well-known domestic and foreign companies. Moreover, Tension has established industry-university-research cooperation of motor teaching platform with two first-class universities Beijing Institute of Technology University and Xiamen University, to facilitate the teaching reform in universities.

Looking ahead, Tension will continue to adhere to the Philosophy of "Quality Priority, Integrity Supreme", and the Vision of “Enhance value with quality products and technical services, and be the most trustworthy test equipment company in the industry”, this trend will firmly create the value for the regional economic development. Hand in hand with winning spirit, we boldly embrace the future. Welcome to Tension Technology (DONGGUAN) Limited!





Core value

Service philosophy

  • Four "many" principle

    If you listen more, you will understand; if you look more, you will understand; if you think more, you will be true; if you do more, you will be successful. Put the four "many" principles into your daily work.
  • Attitude determines success or failure

    A good feeling comes from a good attitude. You should be a thermostat, not a thermometer. The thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature according to the environment, and the temperature of the thermometer depends on the environment.
  • Quality first

    One person is negligent and 100 people are busy. Everyone is careful and smoother. He is really a man and does things conscientiously. He would rather work hard on his own than be embarrassed by customers for a moment.

Management philosophy

  • Honest management

    Establish the corporate culture of honest management, and form an effective supervision mechanism, and implement the integrity management into the daily work of each employee
  • people oriented

    In line with the concept that talents are the first competitiveness, we should constantly cultivate talents and establish talent echelon to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises
  • Quality based

    Establish a scientific management process and form an effective PDCA cycle to promote scientific innovation and continuous improvement
  • Benefit first

    Objective and performance management should be carried out and effective incentive mechanism should be established to maximize benefits




Development History


Honorary qualification



Well known customers

Well known customers

We have achieved long-term cooperation with the world's top 500 enterprises
aiming at customer needs, focusing on customer service, and providing customers with one-stop solutions

  • Sunlord
  • Panasonic
  • HP
  • Broad-Ocean
  • Nidec
  • TTI
  • GoerTek
  • GREE
  • BYD
  • LG
  • DJI
  • bosch
  • 标准电机控股
  • LG
  • CPH



We are a team composed of a group of young people full of vitality and dreams. We have rich experience in business management and management. We adhere to the business principle of "founding the brand, customer first" and "people first, the only is The talent management concept of "Xian", adhering to the value of "learning ability is the future competitiveness", makes our products highly recognized by customers. In tension measurement and control, everyone has an army-like collective sense of honor, which can be deep Feel the family-like warmth and kindness!


Research Base

  • 研发基地
  • 研发基地
  • 研发基地
  • 研发基地
  • 研发基地
  • 研发基地
  • 研发基地

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