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Dynamometer Controller

Product name:Standard Dynamometer Controller

HDC-1040 high-speed programmable dynamometer controller adopts top digital signal processing technology to provide outstanding motor test performance. Designed to come with any hysteresis, eddy current or magnetic powder dynamometer.
  • Product Details


  • Dual channel: enables the device to support up to two independent or compound configuration test devices

  • Built-in alarm system: used for power, speed, torque, temperature, air flow, water flow, electrical overload and external input

  • Torque/speed analog output: one for data acquisition system or paper tape recorder interface 

  • Standard computer interface

  • High-speed data acquisition: about 100 per second via GPIB

  •Quick and complete performance curve data acquisition: no load to stall within a few seconds

  • Speed ​​& torque operation mode: Provide independent PID settings to strengthen dynamometer control

  • Built-in adjustable current power supply: only used for hysteresis dynamometer

  • Optional torque display units: English, metric and SI standard units

  • Dynamometer overload protection

  • Digital filter: removes interference signals from the torque signal

  •Cross-loop function: allows closed-loop control of the brake through the torque sensor

  • Programmable digital PID value: control and storage or manual control through LABVIEW software

  • Save: save the programmed values ​​within the configuration

  • Auxiliary ±10VDC analog input

  •Single-point or multi-point torque and speed stability test: Pass LABVIEW software test

  • Closed box calibration


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