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Constant Current Sources

Product name:ICS series intelligent current source

ICS series intelligent current source is a constant current power supply that combines multiple signal input methods. It has an independent input and output interface, can display two current values, and can switch the output current value through an external signal.
  • Product Details


  • The load is stable and adjustable. The customer can set the simulated load according to the actual application requirements of the motor. The maximum torque is 1N·m.

  Collect the current and temperature parameters of the motor in real time through the controller and the host computer software.

  Different motor loads can be set by changing the brake current, and the working and stopping time of the motor can be arbitrarily set through the host computer software. The maximum working cycle is 999.99 million times, and the machine will automatically stop after the number of cycles is reached. If there is a problem, it will only stop the operation of the station automatically.

  • The system has an engineer and operator interface. All test programs can be saved in the engineer interface environment. The operator only needs to call the corresponding test program according to different products and test requirements. It can also support the QR code scanning function and automatic identification. Call the test program, while facilitating traceability management of the process.

  Collect parameters such as current and temperature of the motor in real time. The system has protections such as overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit.

  Can be connected with the database to save all test data, customers can call historical data for chart analysis at any time.


  Specification table of ICS series intelligent current source:

Model  Maximum output current (mA)
ICS- 500 500
ICS- 2000 2000
ICS- 2500 2500

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