Motor no-load test system

Motor no-load test system

Product name:Motor no-load test system

C0-MTDD-HYL-20200107 motor no-load test system is an advanced and convenient production line automated motor test equipment for fast data collection under computer (Windows 7/10) operating system. It consists of motor test power (AC/DC), industrial control computer, motor test fixture, test software, no-load speed tester.
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  An application case of online no-load automatic testing of motors of a well-known enterprise in Shenzhen .



  • No-load test: Test the six key parameters of the motor's DC resistance, no-load current, no-load voltage, input power, no-load speed and steering. Test range can be customized according to customer requirements.
  ​​​​​The motor under test takes less than 10 seconds from clamping to completion of the entire test, which is fast and effective. As shown in the figure below, the C vertical elbow clip is used to quickly fix the motor, and the A lateral elbow clip propulsion motor is quickly connected to the sensor.
  ​​​​​​•Code scanning function: Before testing, each motor can scan its serial number by QR code. The test results are displayed in real time, and the pass and fail are automatically judged, and the defect rate is calculated and displayed as an icon.
  Database docking function: test the data of each unique serial number motor can be uploaded to the server according to the prescribed format. It is convenient for customers to trace each motor test data and report.



Application field: No-load online rapid testing of automobile motors, rapid analysis and detection of product qualification rate, effectively help customers improve production efficiency.


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