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Types and application fields of micro DC motors

Time:2020-02-01 02:04Source:Tension

  Motors can be roughly divided into DC motors, AC motors, auto-angle motors, stepper motors, resolvers, shaft encoders, AC/DC motors, tachogenerators, induction synchronizers, linear motors, piezoelectric motors, motors 13 major categories such as generating units and other special motors.

  Micro motors are motors with small volume and small capacity, and the output power is generally less than several hundred watts, and the motors with special performance and environmental conditions require special motors. It is often used in control systems to realize the detection, calculation, amplification, execution or conversion of electromechanical signals or energy, or to drive mechanical loads, and can also be used as AC and DC power supplies for equipment. Such as disk drives, copiers, CNC machine tools, robots, etc. all use micro motors.

  Motor characteristics

  The motor is a reversible synchronous motor composed of a permanent magnet synchronous motor and a built-in gearbox. It has the advantages of large torque, low noise, small size, light weight, easy to use, and constant speed operation. It can also be matched with various gearboxes to achieve The purpose of changing the output speed and torque.

  Motor structure classification

  Electromagnetic type: The basic composition is similar to ordinary motors, including stators, rotors, armature windings, brushes and other components, but the structure is extremely compact.

  Combined type: There are two common types: the combination of the above various micromotors; the combination of micromotors and electronic circuits. For example, the combination of a DC motor and a sensor, the combination of a linear motor in the X direction and the Y direction, etc.

  3. Non-electromagnetic type: The shape and structure are the same as the electromagnetic type. For example, the rotary type product is made into a cylindrical shape, and the linear type product is made into a square shape, but the internal structure differs greatly due to different working principles.

  Application range

  Food machinery, textile machinery, medical equipment, intelligent doors and windows, monitor heads, advertising light boxes, household appliances, heating and cooling air conditioners, actuator control, etc., all low-power, constant-speed, high-torque devices.

  Application field

  1. The drive occasions without special control requirements are used as the power source of the moving mechanical load.

  2. Audiovisual equipment. For example, in a videocassette recorder, the micro motor is not only a key component of the drum assembly, but also an important component of its capstan drive, automatic loading and unloading of the tape and cassette, and tape tension control.

  3. Office automation equipment, computer external equipment and industrial automation equipment. Such as disk drives, copiers, CNC machine tools, robots, etc. all use micro motors.