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Single-phase motor capacitors

Time:2020-04-15 03:04Source:Tension

  Single-phase capacitor motors use only one capacitor, which is called the "working capacitor." Whether it is starting or operating normally, it always starts both ends of the winding and running winding coils. The motor of this structure is designed to use the capacitor and starting winding of the single-phase split-phase motor for a long time in the circuit. In fact, it becomes a two-phase asynchronous motor, its running performance, power factor, overload capacity and The efficiency is better than the capacitor split phase type. Since the capacitor does not need to be cut from the circuit during the operation of the motor, it does not require a centrifugal switch.

  This single-phase motor is very simple to change the speed direction, just need to adjust the two outlet ends of one of the two windings. Single-phase split-phase motors require two capacitors to start and run; one capacitor is the starting capacitor and the other is the running capacitor; the single-phase split-phase motor has a running winding and a starting winding embedded in the stator, and the two windings differ by 90 on the stator Degrees of electricity, and they are all connected to the same single-phase power supply.