Edy-Current Dynamometer

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Edy-Current Dynamometer

Product name:Eddy-Current Dynamometer

WD series eddy current dynamometer is applicable for high speed, medium to high power motor test. The torque of eddy current dynamometer increases with the increase of rotating speed.
  • Product Details


  • Simple structure, easy operation and maintenance

  • Large braking torque, high test accuracy and stable operation

  • Small rotational inertia and fast dynamic response

  Specifications of WD series eddy current dynamometer:

model Rated torque (N·m) Rated speed (Rpm) Rated power (KW) Maximum speed rpm cooling method
WD-303 3 10000 3 50000 Water cooling
WD-104 10 5500 5.5 30000 Water cooling
WD-204 20 5500 11 30000 Water cooling
WD-504 50 2800 14 18000 Water cooling

  Application areas:

  Loading test of internal combustion engines (garden tools, motorcycles, automobiles), aerospace motors, automotive motors, etc.

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