Hodling Fixture

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Hodling Fixture

Product name:3D Adjustable Fixtures

HDJ series clamps for tension measurement and control are very suitable for performance test of small and medium-sized motors. In addition, they can also be designed and customized for use in production lines.
  • Product Details

  Fixture characteristics:

  •Maximum clamping motor diameter 30cm

  •Applicable to all tension hysteresis dynamometer series products

  • Safety lock structure

  • Guide rail slider facilitates alignment of motor and dynamometer

  • Easy three-dimensional adjustment operation

  • Vibration protection

  • Anti-scratch motor surface design

  • No tool adjustment, manual operation

  • Can be used with tension T-slot bottom plate or test bench


  product description:

  HDJ series fixtures use one or two beams to cooperate with the locking screw to fix the housing of the motor under test in the radial direction. The distance of the frame beam can be adjusted by bolts, which is suitable for round motors or square motors with different diameters. In addition, V-shaped fixtures or L-shaped fixtures can also be customized to match the motors under test or external rotor motors with irregular shapes.

  In order to protect the outer surface of the motor under test from damage, the top of the locking screw is protected by plastic contact and is shockproof. The parts of the jig contacting the surface of the motor are made of Ninong rubber to prevent the surface from being scratched and damaged.

  Comparison of fixture models:

Types of HDJ-40 HDJ-100 HDJ-150 HDJ-300
Measured motor outer diameter Maximum diameter 40mm Maximum diameter 100mm Maximum diameter 150mm Maximum diameter 300mm
Dynamometer Dynamometer below 1kg·cm 1~30kg·cm dynamometer 30~60kg·cm dynamometer Dynamometer above 50kg·cm
Fixture base T-slot bottom plate T-slot bottom plate T-slot bottom plate T-slot bottom plate or 3D countertop
Fixed beam 1 2 2 1





Beam locking bolt rubber pressure block motor T-slot bottom plate dynamometer bottom plate Nylon Pads


Beam frame Dynamometer bottom plate Adjustable wrench T-slot bottom plate motor



HDJ-40 HDJ-300


HDJ-40 fixture is suitable for fixing micro-motors, used with portable dynamometer or cogging torque dynamometer system.


HDJ-300 fixture is suitable for fixing large-diameter inner rotor motor, and it is more convenient to use with 3D test bench.   

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