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Overseas sales specialist

Time:2020-04-23 04:04Source:Tension

  8000-12000 yuan/month

  Education: Undergraduate experience: unlimited number of recruits: several

  description of job

  Job type: Other

  Release time: 2020-03-17

  Effective Date: 2020-09-17

  Basic requirements: age and gender

  Work location: Dongguan

  description of job:

  1. Carry out overseas sales and technical services of motor test equipment and its parts, develop overseas markets, and develop and maintain foreign customers;

  2. Ability to independently develop customers, proficient in using various B2B platforms, search engines, social media, telephones, etc. to actively develop customers, familiar with offline promotion methods, and participate in domestic and overseas exhibitions;

  3. Familiar with all documentary operation procedures of equipment products, and independently complete the entire process of foreign trade business. Good at communicating with customers and handling various complex business and emergencies of the company overseas;

  4. Familiar with market work, constantly understand the company's products, improve product information, and grasp industry trends;

  5. Conduct business negotiations to guide and persuade customers

  job requirements:

  1. Bachelor degree or above and more than 2 years of foreign trade business experience, international trade or marketing major or automation background is preferred;

  2. Fluent spoken English, familiar with English business language, CET level 6 or above is required, and those with overseas study or dispatch experience are preferred;

  3. Possess major customer maintenance or overseas business channel development experience, those with rich experience at home and abroad are preferred;

  Functional category: Sales representative Network/Online sales Keywords:

  working address:


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