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Case Study of Comprehensive Performance Test of Hub Motor

Time:2020-04-24 10:04Source:Tension

  Case study of the comprehensive performance test of the wheel hub motor:


  The comprehensive performance test of a hub motor of a Japanese company: This equipment is used for a hub motor test stand for electric vehicles to simulate the inertia of the car when it starts or stops; it can measure the speed/output torque/voltage/ of the motor The four parameters of current are used to draw various characteristic curves related to the motor.


  1. Load the hub motor through the load motor to test the inclination of the hub motor.

  2. Durability function: According to the requirements of the motor under test, you can arbitrarily set the number of cycles, time of each period, load size (including no load, light load, rated load, overload, locked rotor, stop, etc.) and forward/reverse and other durability Working conditions, and automatically display the set endurance curve and the actual running endurance curve.

  3. Synchronous sampling of input and output parameters of motor operation: input voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency and output torque, speed, input power and efficiency, with simultaneous sampling during measurement to ensure data consistency.

  4. Dynamometer loading method: In addition to the traditional manual excitation loading method, the system has a variety of automatic loading methods: fixed excitation incremental loading method, fixed torque incremental loading method, fixed speed incremental loading method, fixed torque Loading method, fixed speed loading method and fixed slope loading method.

  5. Measurement accuracy: torque: 0.5%; speed: 0.1%; voltage/current: 0.1%.

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