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Power tool motor test case

Time:2020-04-24 02:04Source:Tension

  Power tool motor test case:


  Comprehensive performance test equipment for power tools of a Shenzhen-owned enterprise. Aiming at the inspection requirements of motor safety standards in power tools, an automatic motor test system was developed. By reasonably selecting the dynamometer, selecting the torque and speed sensors, collecting the real-time output parameters of the motor, the dynamometer is automatically loaded. The software part takes LABVIEW as the core, monitors the entire test, and realizes the automatic test of the characteristic curve of electric tool motors.


  1. 3D adjustable test bench and customized product fixtures are easy to install and test.

  2. With two dynamometers can meet the power tool test of 0.3-28N.m and the two dynamometers can be freely converted

  3. Adopt HDC-1040 to load controller sampling rate is 100 times/second.

  4. Test the power tool in different gears: torque, speed, output power, voltage,

  Parameters such as current, input power, efficiency, etc., automatically save data and generate specific reports required by customers

  5. Test accuracy: torque: 0.2%; speed: 0.1%; voltage and current: 0.1%.

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