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Application case of motor online test equipment for a circuit board enterprise in Shanghai

Time:2020-06-09 10:06Source:Tension


product description:

  MTS-ZX502-A motor test system is an advanced and convenient for fast data collection under the computer (Windows 7/10) operating system Motor, torque, speed, output power, voltage, current, input power, efficiency and back EMF, etc. Parameter motor test equipment. It consists of motor test power supply (AC/DC/three-phase), industrial control computer, motor test fixture, test software, servo dynamometer, hysteresis dynamometer, dynamometer controller, etc. Mainly used in AC single-phase, three-phase, DC and other types of motor testing. The current range can be automatically switched, the linear range is wide, the reading repeatability is good, and the performance is stable. The maximum test power can reach 5KW, the maximum torque is 30N·M, and the maximum speed is 6000RPM.



  •Manual load test: That is, the load is manually adjusted, and the receipt is manually recorded or collected, so the data can be locked.
  •Automatic test mode: the load is automatically loaded according to the settings, and the characteristic curve of the motor from no-load to locked rotor (or set value) is scanned out. During the process of zero load to corresponding load and corresponding load to no load, there is a corresponding error in the descent curve and the rebound curve. The system can calculate and fit the most realistic curve of the motor through the descent curve and the recovery curve, so this interface is The best way to test.
  •​As shown in the following figure, you can set the torque/speed/current to load test at a relative time.
  •​​​​​​Using high-precision load sensors, rated torque experiment accuracy: ±0.5%; speed accuracy ±0.1%; high sensitivity of the whole machine, good stability of load torque and test data.
  •The storage and recall of motor parameters: the parameters of each motor can be stored after setting, so that the next use and recall do not need to be set again.
  •​The test interface: the test interface can display the instantaneous value of the test (voltage, current, speed, torque, input power, output power, efficiency) in real time, and can be set according to a certain time (arbitrarily set )Data collection. At the same time, the curve is automatically drawn during the test. Better monitor the testing process.






Application field: This equipment consists of single-phase power meter, three-phase power meter, hysteresis dynamometer, servo dynamometer, etc. Equivalent to having two sets of test equipment. The range of applications and the types of motors that can be tested are many. That is, the AC/DC/three-phase motor can be tested as long as it is within the range of torque, speed, and power.

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