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Single-phase AC motor servo loading comprehensive performance test case

Time:2020-04-24 03:04Source:Tension

  Single-phase AC motor servo loading comprehensive performance test case:


  The servo loading comprehensive performance test equipment customized by a well-known automobile motor R&D and production enterprise in Zhejiang is used to test induction motors. Induction motor refers to a type of motor that uses electromagnetic induction between stator and rotor to induce current in the rotor to achieve electromechanical energy conversion. The stator of an induction motor is composed of a stator core, a stator winding and a machine base. Under normal circumstances, the rotor speed of an induction motor is always slightly lower or slightly higher than the speed of the rotating magnetic field (synchronous speed), so the induction motor is also called "asynchronous motor". When the load of the induction motor changes, the rotor speed and slip will change accordingly, so that the electromotive force, current and electromagnetic torque in the rotor conductor will change accordingly to meet the needs of the load. According to the positive and negative values ​​of the slip, the induction motor has three operating states: motor, generator and electromagnetic brake.


  1. The load-loading motor adopts Japanese Yaskawa servo motor, and the efficiency is as high as 95%.

  2. Four-quadrant operation, motor mode and generator mode, can be active and passive operation, to achieve any mode load

  3. PLC control system, professionally solve the problem of data synchronization

  4. Real-time online monitoring data, once the set protection value is exceeded, protection starts

  5. EMF can be tested by driving operation

  6. Adopt integrated test plan, overall compatibility, openness and good expansibility

  7. Can provide a variety of test functions for all aspects of testing motor characteristics

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