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Single-phase motor performance test case

Time:2020-04-24 02:04Source:Tension

  Single-phase motor performance test case:


  Hysteresis loading motor comprehensive performance test equipment customized by a Shenzhen power product manufacturer. The device mainly tests switched reluctance motors; switched reluctance motors (SR) are new type speed-regulating motors developed in recent years. The structure is simple and sturdy, with a wide speed range and good performance. It is now widely used in instrumentation, home appliances, electric Automotive and other fields.


  1. With our HDC-1010 controller, the data saving speed is 10 times/second.

  2. The aluminum alloy test bench is beautiful, durable and equipped with three-dimensional adjustable fixtures.

  3. The test software is written in LABVIEW. It has the characteristic test and graph drawing functions. It can calculate and display multiple parameters (torque, speed, output power, voltage, current, input power, efficiency, steering, etc.).

  4. Test accuracy: torque: 0.2%; speed: 0.1%; voltage/current: 0.1%.


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