Brake Time Test System

Brake Time Test System

Product name:Braking Time Test System

The braking time test solution is being developed base on the brake time recorder, test fixture, test frame, Photoelectric sensor and so on to check the stop time at the time of pressing the brake handle,
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  Based on the brake time recorder, test tooling, test frame, photoelectric sensor, etc. to detect the time when the chain saw stops when the brake handle is pressed, install a photoelectric sensor on the saw blade of the chain saw, when the chain saw is started, the photoelectric The sensor will sense that the chain saw is running. When the test tool presses the brake handle, the test instrument will start timing and read the signal of the photoelectric sensor in real time until the photoelectric sensor detects the time when the chain saw stops. We use the meter to calculate the time the chain saw stops minus the time the brake lever is pressed is the brake time.



  • Blade speed detection: the imported high-speed photoelectric sensor detects that the blade stops completely.

  • Data record-prototype number, cycle number, downtime

  • Can simultaneously detect the braking time of gasoline-powered and lithium-powered hedge trimmers

  •Using photoelectric sensor and test instrument to realize braking time judgment and warning (upper and lower limits can be set, data can be communicated) Test accuracy: ±20m/s

  • Test time: 0~9.999S, resolution 1m/s

  • Mode switching: mode 1-start switch 1 release to measure shutdown time (photoelectric sensor detection release), mode 2-start switch 2 release to measure shutdown time (photoelectric sensor detection release)

  •Cycle test: can set the running time (0.1~999.9S)

  • Power-off time: (0.1~999.9S) cycle (1~99999 times)




  Application areas:

  Garden and power tool braking time test and safety test

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