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Application Case for UAV motor Performance Test

Time:2020-04-24 03:04Source:Tension

  UAV motor servo loading test case:


  A servo loading comprehensive performance test system customized by a well-known UAV R&D and production enterprise in Shenzhen. The system is mainly used for performance testing of small steering gear production lines, so it has high requirements for clamping and can be quickly clamped. The test time of a single motor is 9 seconds, the standard production capacity per hour is 320, and the system can automatically Identify and select unqualified products, at the same time can save the data required by the customer and generate a specific report format.


  1. Short test time, can complete the test requirements of 3 load points of a single motor in 9 seconds

  2. The working characteristic curve can be simulated according to two or more points

  3. After passing the unqualified test, automatically draw the working characteristic curve graph and save it locally, if there is repetition, the dialog box prompts

  4. With engineering test characteristics, can test the back electromotive force

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