Cogging Torque Test System

Cogging Torque Test System

Product name:Cogging Torque Test System

C0-MTS-100CT cogging torque test is to drive the torque speed sensor through the servo motor, and the other end of the torque speed sensor drives the tested motor to rotate 360 ° to test the corresponding relationship between the torque and angle.
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  The C0-MTS-100CT cogging torque test uses a servo motor to drive the torque and speed sensor. The other end of the torque and speed sensor drives the motor under test to rotate 360° to test the corresponding relationship between torque and angle. Because the cogging torque is generally very small, limited by the range of the torque and speed sensor and the test tooling and coupling, so few manufacturers can measure such cogging torque. At present, 99.99% of the torque and speed sensors on the market cannot achieve the test of the cogging torque of 1N·m-30N·m and can also ensure that the measurement accuracy is within 0.5%. According to the investigation, according to the traditional method, there is currently no domestic equipment that can produce special equipment for testing the cogging torque in the range of 1N·m-5N·m (accuracy is 0.5% of full scale). On this basis, we have created new methods for using force and reaction force. Way to develop this professional equipment for testing tiny cogging torque.



  • Speed ​​adjustable, speed range 1-10r/min

  • The corresponding relationship between angle and torque can be tested, and graph analysis can be generated

  • QR code scanning function for easy traceability management of the process


  Reference for custom selection of cogging torque test system:

  The following table is a reference for the selection of a customized cogging torque system. Customers can customize a suitable cogging torque test system according to different motor test requirements and specific performance parameters

model  Torque measurement range (g·cm) Torque accuracy (%) Torque tolerance (g·cm)
JT-500 5-50 1 ±0.5
JT-101 10-100 0.50 ±1
JT-301 30-300 0.50 ±2
JT-102 100-1000 0.20 ±3
JT-302 300-3000 0.20 ±3
JT-502 500-5000 0.20 ±5
JT-103 1000-10000 0.20 ±10
JT-303 3000-30000 0.20 ±10

  Application areas:

  It is mainly used in the cogging torque test of automotive motors, and can be customized according to customer needs.

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