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Senior Structural Engineer

Time:2020-04-23 04:04Source:Tension

  8000-15000 yuan/month

  Education: Undergraduate experience: 1-3 years Recruitment number: 1

  description of job

  Company benefits: five insurances and one gold package

  Job Type: Production Management/R&D

  Release time: 2020-04-21

  Effective Date: 2020-05-06

  Basic requirements: age and gender

  Work location: Dongguan

  description of job:

  Job Responsibilities:

  1. Assist software engineers and electrical engineers to complete the design and drawing of non-standard machinery independently according to project and customer requirements, and evaluate the production cost

  2. Responsible for new product development, new product 3D structure design

  3. Responsible for parameter setting and selection of equipment outsourcing components

  4. Compile relevant engineering documents (machine drawings, product acceptance standards, product manuals, etc.)

  5. Responsible for design assembly and subsequent drawing optimization;

  6. Construction and management of structural BOM forms, 3D, 2D process file output, and production of DXF files.


  1. College degree or above, engaged in non-standard mechanical structure design and development for 3 years or more, with strong equipment overall planning and design ability and innovation ability, familiar with various mechanical structure applications;

  2. Mechanical design and manufacturing (or related) major;

  3. Proficient in the selection of mechanical standard parts, pneumatic components and sensors;

  4. Proficiency in design software, especially Solidworks;

  5. High sense of responsibility, diligence and down-to-earth, teamwork spirit;

  6. Be proficient in written communication in English at work;

  working address:

  Building 10, Ruiying International Innovation Industrial Park, No. 9, University Road, Songshan Lake High-tech Development Zone, Dongguan

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