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Electrical and Electronic Technician

Time:2020-04-23 04:04Source:Tension

  5000-8000 yuan/month

  Education: unlimited experience: unlimited recruitment number: several

  Job description Job type: Other

  Release time: 2020-03-13

  Effective Date: 2020-09-13

  Basic requirements: age and gender

  Work location: Dongguan

  description of job:

  Job responsibilities:

  1. Master the electrical system drawings;

  2. Electrical system installation and wiring

  3. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

  4. Maintenance, installation and debugging of production equipment electrical system;

  5. Drawing and technical filing of relevant drawings.

  6. Debugging problem records and solutions

  7. Responsible for project electrical scheme design, purchase of electrical materials, electrical commissioning, assistance in project engineering data filing 8. Preparation of electrical BOM, drawing of electrical drawings, preparation of PLC programs, etc.

  9. Electrical diagram design output and related technical documents collation;

  10. Assist in completing the design of the electrical drawings of the project products and finishing the electrical BOM;


  1. Major in automatic control, electrical and electronic engineering, junior college or above;

  2. More than 1 year of relevant work experience;

  3.Have knowledge of electrical and automatic control; be able to use Protel, CAD and other software; familiar with electrical standards;

  4. Familiar with the structure and performance of electrical equipment, familiar with various electrical circuit diagrams, and can independently select electrical equipment and materials

  5. Have excellent teamwork spirit. Dedicated and responsible

  6. Familiar with electrical wiring, electrical control cabinet design, electrical component selection

  Functional category:

  Electronic Engineer/TechnicianElectrical Engineer/TechnicianKeyword: Electronic and Electrical

  working address:


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