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Aerospace motor performance test case

Time:2020-04-24 10:04Source:Tension

  Aerospace motor performance test case:


  Hysteresis loading comprehensive performance test customized by a state-owned aerospace motor company in Shanghai. Considering that customers have many types of products, our company equipped them with a system of five workbenches to adapt to customers' various types of motor test platforms.


  1. Different dynamometers can be selected to test the motor through the dynamometer converter to solve the problem of repeated plugging and unplugging

  2. Automatic identification, the system can identify which type of dynamometer is currently connected.

  3. It can test the forward rotation of the motor at one time, and test the reverse rotation at intervals of one second. And quickly calculate the speed difference

  4. Connect the printer, you can directly output the test report

  5. The test accuracy is required due to customer customization, and the torque accuracy can reach 0.1%

  6. Can test the performance of the motor at different torques and different voltages at one time

Test interface

Test settings

Hardware Configuration

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