Servo motor loading test system

Servo motor loading test system

Product name:Servo Motor Loading Test System

C0-MTSF-600JE is a customized system built with high-precision Siemens Servo motor and KISTLER torque sensor for EPS brushless motor loading simulation test
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product description:

  C0-MTSF-600JE is a set of high-precision Siemens servo motors to load brushless motors and KISTLER dual-range torque sensors. At the same time, the torque, speed, output power, and motor of brushless motors are read by a multi-functional high-precision power analyzer. Phase current, phase voltage, phase power, input power of the motor (generally the input power of the brushless motor is equal to the sum of any two phase power), voltage, current, input power, motor efficiency, drive of the brushless motor controller The efficiency of the machine, the efficiency of the whole machine, etc., can also detect a variety of motor characteristics such as: temperature rise test, positive and negative speed difference, continuous stall, data peak stall data, working area, back EMF constant, torque ripple, torque ripple Coefficient, speed adjustment rate test, torque change time, corresponding speed change time, corresponding position tracking error, static friction torque, cogging torque, electrical appliance time constant, thermal resistance and thermal time constant, overload test, inertia adaptation range, T /N curve test, B method efficiency curve, etc. Mainly used for R&D and testing of EPS brushless motors.


Features :

• Adopt Siemens high-precision servo motor, rated torque 5N·m, maximum torque 19N·m, rated speed 12000rpm, rated current 19A, efficiency up to 95%, forced air cooling cooling mode; four-image operation, feedback grid mode, loading Stable, torque fluctuation can be controlled within 1%, long service life.

• Use KISTLER's dual-range torque sensor, first range torque 5N·m, accuracy level 0.05, second range torque 0.5N·m, accuracy level 0.2, maximum torque 1.5 rated torque, rated speed 10000rpm

• Adopt Zhiyuan PA5000H power analyzer, basic power accuracy can reach +/-0.05% of reading+0.05% of range, measurement bandwidth is DC, 0.1HZ-5MHZ, sampling rate can reach 2MS/S, 7 channels, can be arbitrary Equipped with motor board, voltage and current accuracy guarantee range is 1%-130%. Harmonic measurement 500 times, data update period is 10ms-20s and can be customized.

• PLC control system, professionally solves the problem of data asynchrony, dynamic response ability can reach 1m/S

• Four-quadrant operation, motor mode and generator mode, can be active and passive operation, to achieve any mode load

•Real-time online monitoring data, software and hardware intelligent protection, once the set protection value is exceeded, the protection will be started immediately

• The electromotive force can be tested by driving operation, adopting an integrated test scheme, with overall compatibility, openness and good scalability

•High-quality hardware plus advanced control technology for tension measurement and control, to achieve a wide range of high-precision motor characteristics testing

• The standardized modular design of the software is convenient for subsequent upgrades, with strong logic and strong error-proof functions, which can prevent the losses caused by errors and misoperations to the greatest extent.

• Support barcode scanning, automatic test program identification, automatic analysis of test data and judgment based on set values, and chart analysis according to customer requirements, such as motor efficiency cloud analysis

• Supports docking with automated data to achieve automatic testing of production lines, real-time data analysis and customer customization


Servo motor load test system custom selection reference:

Category Name  Max torque range (N·m) Max speed range (r/min) Power range (KW) Max Precision (%)
Dynamometer Conventional servo dynamometer 5-300N·m 6000r/min <18KW Torque accuracy 0.2%
Speed ​​accuracy 0.1%
Industrial grade servo dynamometer 3-300N·m 26000r/min <30KW Torque accuracy 0.05%
Speed ​​accuracy 0.1%
Power  Analyzer name Current range (A) Voltage range (V) Number of channels (PCS) Max Precision (%)
Single-phase AC and DC parameters <700A <600V 1 0.10%
Three-phase AC and DC parameters <700A <1000V 3 0.10%
Four-channel power analyzer <700A <1000V Maximum 6 0.05%
Six-channel power analyzer <700A <1000V Maximum 6 0.05%


Application field: The servo motor load performance test is widely used in the comprehensive performance test of EPS motors, motion control motors and derived products, and has been gradually extended to the robot and smart home industries.

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