Load test system of dynamometer

Load test system of dynamometer

Product name:Dynamometer Loading Test System

C0-MTHD500BL is a Brushless motor performance test system using hysteresis dynamometer for loading simulation, and the Torque, speed, output power, motor phase current,
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  •   Stable loading, torque fluctuation can be generally controlled at 0.5%, long service life
  •   • The highest test speed can reach 30000r/min, and the accuracy can reach 0.1% F·S.
  •   •The maximum torque can be tested to 3N·m, and the accuracy can reach 0.2% F·S.
  •   • The maximum power can reach 1000W. Accuracy can reach 0.2% F·S.
  •   The system is equipped with two dynamometer heads, which can be automatically switched by the system, and the test range is wide
  •   Real-time online monitoring data, software and hardware intelligent protection, once the set protection value is exceeded, the protection will be started immediately
  •   Adopt integrated test scheme, with overall compatibility, openness and good scalability
  •   High-quality hardware plus tension measurement and control advanced control technology to achieve a wide range of high-precision motor characteristics testing
  •   • The standardized modular design of the software is convenient for subsequent upgrades, with strong logic and strong error-proof functions, to prevent the loss caused by errors and misoperations to the greatest extent



Constant torque test



Fixed speed



Unqualified interface



Curve comparison



Whole journey

  •   Support barcode scanning, automatic identification of test program, automatic analysis of test data and judgment based on set value
  •   Supports docking with automated data to realize automatic testing of production lines, real-time data analysis and generation of customized reports

  System customization selection reference:

  The following table is a reference for the selection of a customized dynamometer loading system. Customers can configure their dynamometers and other hardware according to the test requirements and specific performance parameters of different motors. No sensor on the market can meet 0.1N·m and 1000N at the same time. · Two ranges of m. Example: The torque application range of our company's AHD-103 (rated torque 1N·m) hysteresis dynamometer is recommended in the range of 0.1N·m-1N·m.

category name Maximum torque range (N·m) Maximum speed range (r/min) Power range (KW) Highest accuracy (%)
Dynamometer Hysteresis Dynamometer 0.001-30 0.01-30000 <7 Torque precision 0.2
Speed ​​precision 0.1
Eddy current dynamometer 3-50 1000-50000 <14 Torque precision 0.5
Speed ​​precision 0.1
Magnetic powder dynamometer 50-1000 0-1500 <10 Torque fine 0.5
Speed ​​precision 0.1
Electric parameter meter name  Current range (A) Voltage range (V) Number of channels (PCS) The highest precision (%)
Single-phase AC and DC parameters <700 <600 1 0.10
Three-phase AC and DC parameters <700 <1000 3 0.10
Four-channel power analyzer <700 <1000 Can hold up to 6 cards 0.05
Six-channel power analyzer <700 <1000 Can hold up to 6 cards 0.05

  Application areas:

  The dynamometer loading performance test is widely used in capacitor motors (washing machine motors, range hood motors, air conditioning motors, fan motors, multi-speed motors, etc.), shaded pole motors, series motors, DC motors (automotive fan motors, wiper motors, Seat motor, window motor, water pump motor, sunroof motor, hub motor, brushless DC motor), outer rotor motor, rotary power tools (electric drill, angle grinder, cutting machine, electric garden saw, etc.), single three-phase motor Comprehensive performance testing with other motors and derived products.

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